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At LogTech we support Sustainable Computing that extends PC lifecycles and capitalizes on opportunities for reuse, making it green copywhile increasing your asset ROI. Green IT practices must extend beyond power consumption to address other critical factors within IT management that impact your carbon footprint, including equipment EOL issues, and Asset Disposition and Inventory Management (ITAD/ITAM). IT becomes really Green when lifecycles are extended and recycling is avoided.

When we Reduce the demand for new technology, leverage Reuse opportunities, and Recycle responsibly and securely, we create decisive benefits for business, people, and the environment.

Our Making IT Green Initiative Helps You Address:

  • The financial and environmental impact of your electronic equipment lifecycle.
  • Data security to prevent breaches of your business, sensitive, and personal information.
  • How IT reuse affects your sustainability, social welfare, and bottom line.
  • Strategies for maximizing the value of your unused or older equipment.
  • Keeping IT your equipment out of the waste stream at end-of-life.

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Organizations can choose to redistribute / sell their refurbished IT assets through our Employee Buy Back Program which is designed to support organizations seeking to boost employee morale while promoting IT Reuse or through our donations programs or a charity of your choice.

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Our Fresh Start Program provides Lifecycle Services to support companies executing technology refreshes or new technology insertions.

LogTech technicians professionally repair, refurbish, and package your surplus technology as part of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program (RRP).

  • Redistributing and Remarketing existing equipment extends life and increases your residual value.
  • Remarketing direct to users under our Fresh Start Program provides you top dollar.
  • We also market low-cost PC components and parts to reduce company expenses.
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ChecklistLogTech Awarded Class D Recycling Permit

On August 21, 2014 LogTech was awarded their Class D (Universal Waste) Recycling Facility permit and Air Permit (PCP140001) in Monmouth County, NJ.

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ChecklistLogTech Receives R2:2013, OSHA 18001:2007, and ISO 14001 Certifications

LogTech receives R2:2013 Responsible Recycling, OSHA 18001:2007, and ISO 14001 Certification from Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. for Electronics Reuse and Recycling, Re-marketing, De-Manufacturing and Data Sanitization/Destruction.

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